CSSD Use Case

Lyngsoe Systems supports hospitals in overcoming some of the increasing challenges.


The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) is met with increased demands for securing patients’ safety

To reduce risks of contamination and making sure that patients are always treated with sterilized surgical instruments, documentation demands in these processes are high. Real-time and full traceability on all surgical instruments are required. Beside increased focus on securing patient safety, the CSSD constantly needs to increase efficiency, reduce cost and optimize processes through improved equipment utilization.

Lyngsoe Systems supports hospitals in overcoming some of the increasing challenges. By implementing Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ the CSSD benefits from:


Securing patients safety:

  • Providing improved traceability throughout the sterilization processes by knowing who handled all surgical instruments in the flow between Operating Room and CSSD.
  • Real-time overview of location and status of all surgical instruments

Improving efficiency and productivity in the CSSD:

  • Easier to locate equipment, reduce packaging time for surgical equipment, improve maintenance processes, better production planning and higher utilization rate for production equipment and resources
  • Streamline documentation processes and obtain sterile goods flow information automatically

Giving management a comprehensive, precise and reliable decision-making tool

  • Real-time high-quality data to provide visibility in the sterilization processes
  • Fast and reliable trace of sterile goods usage and its cleaning process

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ is an Internet-of-Things platform, which automatically provides tracking information and document surgical instruments processing with information on washing, inspection, sterilization, packing with equipment process data and data for personnel conducting each process. The platform also provides information on the status of the surgical instrument to improve planning of surgical operations and reduce the need for additional inventory.