Fight your hospital’s logistic diseases with our cure*

* Today, hospitals are subject to increasing demands and limited budgets making them heavily disposed to logistic diseases. Fortunately, we have developed a cure that optimizes your hospital’s logistics and workflows, giving you the optimum conditions to improve patient care and safety.


Does your hospital experience any of the following symptoms?

There is a lack of time to improve patient care and safety. You struggle to find your colleagues and equipment. Your supplies are often out of stock, and you find it hard to keep up with the increasing demands. If your hospital is like most others, you probably recognize the symptoms. Symptoms of a logistic disease that, if not treated, can weaken your hospital’s ability to meet the increasing demands and deliver best-in-class patient care and safety.


Our cure is developed to fit your IT infrastructure

At Lyngsoe Systems, we have developed and supplied data capture solutions for more than 40 years, meeting different industry standards. By combining our superior technical expertise and experience with our comprehensive domain knowledge, we offer tailored solutions that fit your hospital’s specific needs. As a leading supplier of real-time localization solutions (RTLS), we know all about the importance of offering a solution that complies with your existing IT infrastructure. Our cure is non-intrusive and scalable, making it possible for you to gradually expand and tailor the solution according to your hospital's needs without interfering with your technologies and workflows.


The cure

The cure provides real-time location of all assets enabling superior performance and transparency in the hospital environment. Assets in the hospital are carefully identified with RFID tags and through antennas in the ceiling, the RTLS (real-time location system) infrastructure enables real-time location and status of all tagged assets. The cure can among other things enable real-time inventory status, bed localization and status, visibility in the CSSD flow, and localization of staff and patients.

Case: Aarhus University hospital

The world’s largest RFID-based tracking infrastructure in a hospital

At Lyngsoe Systems, we offer customized cures for hospitals in all shapes and sizes. But to emphasize the magnitude and possibilities of the cure, we are especially proud of the award-winning instalment at the new Aarhus University Hospital (AUH). AUH’s vision is clear. They require a hospital where the personnel can easily locate assets, equipment and staff resources through an accessible IT-solution. By utilizing Lyngsoe Systems’ vast experience with RFID technology and knowledge within complex problem solving, we provide a comprehensive RFID-based tracking system designed to work with the hospital’s IT system.

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