Can you keep up with the Import and Customs Process for all your Imported Mail?

Handling over 100,000 of mail items manually each day is difficult enough, but when those items come from outside the EU Customs Union, it requires an efficient process to manage import, customs and VAT.

PostNord Case Story

The growing e-commerce market is a challenge for all posts

As an increasing number of bulky letters and small packets are being imported from outside the EU, such as from China, there is a huge demand on postal operators to be able to handle the import process. This is exactly the challenge that faced PostNord after the Swedish Customs clarified that PostNord promptly must make sure that VAT is paid on all mail items with a declared value that come from outside the EU Customs Union. Thus PostNord introduced this fee from March 1st 2018. To come up with a solution to handle this, PostNord turned to Lyngsoe Systems and the Manual Image Capturing Station™ (MICS). MICS lowers the cycle time of the import process by combining automatic arrival registration (IPS), customs handling and image capturing into one single process. Using captured images of items, rather than physical items, enables faster release, lowering manual labor and freeing up floor space.

PostNord Head of Production Logic, Magnus Lundin says:

“Establishing a process that can handle the huge volumes involved over the course of just a few weeks has not been easy, but on the 1st of March we successfully launched this together with Lyngsoe Systems, using the Lyngsoe Manual Image Capturing™ (MICS) solution for handling import, video coding, customs and VAT for more than 100,000 mail items each day.”

lyngsoe manual image capturing station™

PostNord are not alone. As the e-commerce market continues to grow, postal organizations are faced with huge challenges of handling the import process for the large volumes of overseas packages. Lyngsoe Systems MICS solution efficiently handles these large volumes of e-commerce items from countries such as China. MICS provides higher productivity in the import process, expands capacity when there is limited space, keeps up with fast growing e-commerce volume, is scalable in downstream processing, and can be integrated with existing systems.

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So if you are struggling to handle the volume of imported mail from China and elsewhere, contact Lyngsoe Systems and ask about MICS and what it can do for your organization.