Lyngsoe Library Systems

Lyngsoe Library Systems provides the most comprehensive set of automated material handling (AMH) solutions allowing easy integration to all common library management systems.

Increase efficiency

Lyngsoe’s automated material handling systems reduce the labor-intensive time consuming nature of returns processing while increasing efficiency and optimizing the use of space. Our solutions integrate easily with existing Library Information Systems (LIS). Automation of the library item handling means faster return to shelf and a higher availability for lending. Our series of self-service check-in stations can accommodate the needs of any size library, whether it be a stand alone unit or a more complex unit connected to a library sorter. Our series also includes weather resistant self-service check-in stations that can be placed in a hallway or outside in the weather for after-hours service.

Ergonomic work place

Lyngsoe strives to create ideal work conditions for library staff. By automating an age-old process, much of the lifting in a manual system can be avoided. Connecting a sorter to a self-service check-in would eliminate the manual handling of books and other library items until they are sorted onto a book cart or with spines in proper read orientation.





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