Full transparency in the baggage handling process

Full transparency in the baggage handling process

Fully automated with world leading RFID Technology

Improve baggage handling performance

Improve baggage handling performance

Benchmark the best and boost efficiency

Be compliant with IATA’s Resolution 753: Baggage tracking

Be compliant with IATA’s Resolution 753: Baggage tracking

All the data needed generated automatically


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Airports and Airlines

Stress relief for air travelers

Improving baggage handling offers huge opportunities for airlines and airports. Passenger surveys repeatedly show that lost or delayed baggage is the biggest single annoyance factor in travelling by air. Barcode-based baggage tags are subject to low read rates, delaying the baggage handling process and limiting sorting capacity. Leading airlines and airports are turning to personal permanent RFID bagtags or IATA RFID bagtags to reduce lost or delayed baggage. Lyngsoe Systems brings its unique position and experience within the industry to the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, boosting the top line and improving baggage performance.

The benefits of implementing Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ include: 

  •         Improving customer satisfaction
  •         Increasing top line
  •         Improving baggage performance
  •         To be compliant with IATA’s Resolution 753 


Closing the gap in baggage performance

By introducing complete RFID baggage tagging and Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™, full visibility throughout the baggage journey will be gained. The passenger can utilize the RFID for automatic bagdrop, the sortation system can use the information for sorting the bag to the right flight and the Baggage Reconciliation System receives all the necessary data to be compliant with IATA’s Resolution 753. The full visibility increases baggage performance and saves the bags from being left behind.

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ is an intelligent Internet-of-Things platform supporting the entire baggage journey. The product portfolio includes: 

  •          RFID BagDrop Reader
  •          RFID Virtual Sortation Tunnel
  •          RFID Claim and Pier Reader
  •          RFID Belt Loader and High Loader Reader
  •          Handheld terminals


In addition to the physical infrastructure Lyngsoe Systems also provides consultancy services to identify choke points, improve flow and reduce the number of lost bags, increasing value for passengers and airline customers.

Lyngsoe Systems has implemented the world’s first RFID-on-baggage solution for Hong Kong International Airport and the first two in Europe for Milan Malpensa Airport and Lisbon Airport. Lyngsoe Systems has equipped most airports in Scandinavia with Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ RFID infrastructure and is continuously expanding the network. Lyngsoe Systems has become a recognized market leader of baggage handling systems and airport logistics, creating higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing the top line for airports and airlines and improving baggage handling to the benefit of the entire industry.

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