Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ - Container Security


Container security for customs and shipping

As a single unified platform for container security the solution ensures that cargo containers in transit cannot be tampered with without leaving a trace and it provides the relevant authorities with tracking information on individual containers. It significantly increases the inspection rate, improves border security and minimizes undetected smuggling and thefts. 

The system is based on passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to ensure electronic registration of cargo containers and thereby gaining an electronic track and trace record of movements.

The system includes equipment to securely seal containers at the departure destination providing information about the start of the journey and who sealed the container.

The system will provide tracking information from selected check-points throughout the journey of the container; from safety gates, manual scanning points and automatic check-points. When the seal is scanned at the check-point the container ID, time of passing, location and status of the container seal is captured.

Any detection of tampering will provide an instant alarm. As the container enters the bonded warehouse or leaves the country, an authorized opening of the container or arrival scanning will provide end of journey.

All data relating to the sealing of the container, as well as tracking information about the container will be stored in the Seal Management application. With this application is it possible to search for specific information such as individual containers, time periods or location information.

The core elements


  • Secure authorized sealing of containers
  • Automated detection of container tampering
  • Common platform for sharing data about cargo containers
  • Significant Increase in inspection rate
  • Improve border security
  • Minimize container tampering and thefts
  • Increase safety
  • Increase correct collection of taxes and duties
  • Facilitate trade
  • Minimize corruption
  • Speed up logistic processes