Baggage Handling Control system

With the Control system (SAC) from Lyngsoe in operation at the airport baggage handling system, you will have full control of all types of departure, transfer and arrival baggage. The flexible and modular system makes it possible to fulfil specific requirements from any airport.

Our Baggage Handling Control System takes a process-oriented approach to the baggage handling. You get full overview of the baggage flow allowing e.g. bottlenecks causing delays to be identified. In this way new workflow processes can be designed and implemented to smooth and optimize the baggage flow.

The Lyngsoe Baggage Handling Control system is IATA-compliant according to recommended practices and is in operation in several international airports worldwide, including the new transfer baggage terminal in Lisbon Airport.

The Lyngsoe Baggage Handling Control system integrates automatic screening, optimizes operations, increases baggage handling overview, and provides an increased baggage throughput and capacity.

The processes handled and supported by the system include: departure, long-term planning, manual encoding, arrival, reporting, sortation and screening.

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